Ever since Back To The Future Part II, the tech industry has been looking for a way to make this movie dream into a reality...Introducing the ArcaBoard!

While we've seen some "hoverboards" that need a special metallic surface underneath it because it uses magnets, and of course the wheeled version that we've heard so much about toward the end of 2015, we now have the real deal!


Checkout French David Duchovny tell you all about it, and show you how it works.

The board works by a propulsion system that generates up to 430 pounds of thrust. This allows it to hold up to 300 pounds off the ground! A 272-horsepower engine propels 36 high-powered electric fans. This allows the rider to glide across almost any surface, including "land, water, snow, or ice."

The downside at this point is that it'll cost you right around $20,000. Not exactly something that most of us hold down in our pocket.

It takes about six hours to charge the ArcaBoard, unless you tack on an additional $4,500 for the ArcaDock that charges the board in just 35 minutes!

While it might not yet be the hoverboards we see in BTTF II, this is a giant leap toward that!

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