Three Days Grace are in full studio mode as they dig into their first complete album with new frontman Matt Walst leading the way. The band has just issued a new studio update, which gives fans a glimpse at the goings-on behind the scenes and offers a few new anecdotes on how Walst is fitting into the band.

The clip, which can be seen above, begins with guitarist Barry Stock revealing a 1950s Sears Silvertone baritone guitar that he's been reunited with, as the band is recording their new disc with producer Gavin Brown. Brown was a part of the early Three Days Grace album before the band tried out other producers on recent discs, and one of the major positives for Stock is reuniting with the Sears Silvertone.

"It belongs to Gavin," reveals Stock. "It was used on the first record and we've been trying to replicate this sound ever since with baritones, so it's great to be back with Gavin again and using this on the new record."

And that old-school vibe is definitely resonating for the band. Singer Matt Walst adds, "A lot of the comments we're getting is that they sound like they did back on the first couple of records and that's kind of what we're going for."

Walst also goes more in depth about his association over the years with Three Days Grace, which also features his brother Brad Walst, and he shares his feelings upon being asked to join the band on tour last year after Adam Gontier's departure.

Check out the full video, which also lets you peek in on Stock jamming in the studio and Walst laying down his vocals for their current single 'Painkiller,' above.

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