McDonald's french fry boxes have a new look! They're here in Lafayette, but do you know what the box means?

It's not just your average "new look" for the McDonald's french fry box. It actually has a meaning behind it.

The usual generic red fry box with the McDonald's golden arches on it has been replaced. At least for now. The new fry box design is in connection with the World Cup in Brasil (Brazil) that's happening this summer. Twelve artists from around the world were chosen to create a design for the new fry boxes. But wait! There's more!

"This is the first time in brand history we're changing the packaging design of one of our customers' most favourite menu items on a global scale, and what better reason than to share in the excitement of one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world," said Steve Easterbrook, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Chief Brand Officer of McDonald's. "This is about bringing fun, innovative programming to our customers and celebrating our shared love of futbol. We're excited to be able to do that through an engaging, interactive mobile experience, and of course with our World-Famous Fries."

Hold interactive fry box?? That's right. As soon as you get your hands on one of these new fry boxes (they hit the market yesterday, and come in medium and large fry) you can start playing "McDonald's GOL!"

All you have to do to connect with the box is hold your mobile phone screen up to the front of the box. When your device recognizes the artwork, a "futbol pitch" will appear in an AR scene on the screen with the fry box as the goal. There will be other built-in objects that become obstacles. The gameplay is a flick of the finger that "kicks" the ball, and you try to divert or use the obstacles to get the ball in the goal.

The artist in the USA is Tes One with the artwork titled 'Formations'.

Will you be hitting up the golden arches to get your hands on one of the new interactive fry boxes?