Sure, roads may be clear of ice and snow for the most part here, but there is still a danger lurking out there.

I noticed that several sidewalks and parking lots still have ice on them this morning. Many of you may be returning to work today and we thought that we should remind you to WATCH YOUR STEP!

I stopped at a gas station this morning in Lafayette and half of their parking lot is still covered with ice and the sidewalk leading to the front doors is completely iced over.

Remember to be observant this morning as you enter work and leave your home.

Another danger later today may be falling icicles. As the temperatures rise above freezing later today, and they will, ice cycles will start to melt and fall. Keep an eye open for these sharp dangers that may be overhead.

All in all, don't put your guard down today as the ice begins to melt. There are still plenty of dangers out there.

As a reminder, you may even still notice small patches of ice on roadways this morning for commute today. Especially under trees!

Be safe. Stay observant.

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