I consider this to be one of my favorite sitcom television scenes ever.

For National Burger Day, National Hamburger Day, #NationalHamburgerDay, I just had to share this scene. Maybe you've seen it before (and if so, you know you'll wanna watch it again), or maybe you haven't.

The show How I Met Your Mother may have had a controversial ending, but the show as a whole was pretty fantastic. The characters were well rounded, and you felt a connection with each of them.

That being said, there is one episode where they are searching for the best hamburger in New York.

The setup is that Marshall (played by the fantastic Jason Segel) stumbled upon a burger place when he first moved to New York eight years earlier and had the best burger he had ever had in his life. He was never able to find it again because he wasn't familiar with the city at the time.

They then go on a search for the burger, with very specific intentions.

When Ted (essentially the shows main character) asks Marshall if maybe he is eating the same burger, but it could never live up to his ridiculously high expectations, and Robin (who Ted dates off and on again throughout the show) says, "it is just a burger."

That's when Marshall then delivers a speech that he should have won an Emmy for. His description of a hamburger, nay, THE hamburger, is so well done, it should be watched every year on this day.

Here it is:

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