If you watched How I Met Your Mother, you probably know there were a lot of people who were disappointed in the ending. Well, they filmed an alternate ending too. And you can see it here.

Personally, immediately after watching the ending, I, like many others, kinda hated it. I felt like all that watching to get to that point was a ripoff. THEN, after much thinking about it, I slowly became okay with it all. The creators of the show always new they would come to this conclusion. So much so, they filmed the televised ending in the first season, so that the child actors playing Ted's kids wouldn't be grown-ups by the time the actual show ended.

I get it, the ending is a bit darker than most sitcoms. It doesn't play out like you think it will.

They claimed to have shot this as a "Plan B" ending. It'll be available on the box set that comes out later this month.

With that being said, if you're still mad about the televised ending, here's your happier, more Hollywood ending.

Obviously, Spoilers lie ahead if you haven't seen the ending of the show.

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