Dayana Perez Sosa's Instagram
Dayana Perez Sosa has racked up almost 14,000 Instagram followers. Taking a quick glance at her account, it's not to hard to figure out why.
7 Tricks To Make You Take Professional Pictures With Your Smartphone
Some smartphones take amazing pictures, especially if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or especially an S5! These smartphones also come with features that allow you to take amazing pictures. But, how would you like to take pictures with your smartphone that rival some of the best photographers?
Toronto Couple's 'Friday The 13th' Themed Engagement Photos [Pics]
Like most couples, Toronto residents Vanessa Lawson and her fiance Josh Morden had very specific ideas about how their engagement pictures should look. Just the right location, just the right pose, and just the right amount of fake blood. You see, Vanessa and Josh are HUGE fans of "Friday T…
Museum Of Fear Pictures
The Museum Of Fear IS NOT PLAYING AROUND THIS YEAR PEOPLE. They mean business. To say it’s a relentless experience is an understatement. I did a walk through yesterday afternoon, and I’m still not right. The Museum Of Fear will be open this Thursday, Friday, Saturday …

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