This Chicago Sinkhole Is Swallowing Cars Whole [Pics]
The Midwest is going through some massive weather right now with flooding, tornadoes, snow, and in Chicago, a sinkhole, most probably caused from an all-night downpour. Check out these GIF images of the Chicago sinkhole swallowing cars.
Hilarious Images Of People On Rollercoasters [Pics]
Ahh...amusement parks! The thrill of when your adrenaline kicks in on those insane rides is exhilarating! But, of course, there is the face of fear when they snap your pictures mid-drop on the rollercoaster. Sometimes it leads to embarrassment when they put your picture on the screen for everyone to…
Happy Easter???
If the idea of a human-sized rodent sneaking into your house in the middle of the night carrying a basket of eggs doesn’t freak you out, we’re pretty sure these photos of creepy Easter bunnies will.
Here’s seven creepy Easter Bunnies we’d like to keep hopping along the Bunny Trail, Peeps or not:
Periphery In Baton Rouge
Periphery is one of my favorite up and coming bands that we play on The Grindhouse and they were the supporting band last night for the Deftones at the Varsity Theater in Baton Rouge. Here are a couple of pictures from their performance!
Planet Night w/ Drowning Pool
Thanks to all the citizens, Drowning Pool, Meriwether, Joseph Aranza, and to Mother Nature for making Planet Radio Night 2013 at Le Festival De Mardi Gras A Lafayette an awesome night!
The Evolution Of Halestorm Through Instagram [Pics]
In the social media world, Thursday is also known as 'Throwback Thursdays' in which you post pictures of your past. Yesterday, Lzzy Hale, the frontwoman of Halestorm posted pictures via her official Instagram account of the band from when it was just herself and brother/drummer Arejay. Her…
Acadiana Flood Pics
With all the rain and flooding that's been going on, lots of you took to social networks to show off your areas. Here's some of the ones we've seen so far. Take a look at the gallery.
Sights And Sounds From A Night At The Museum Of Fear [Video]
Halloween is right around the corner! It's October and also time for the Museum Of Fear, which takes place every Friday and Saturday night in October at the Lafayette Science Museum downtown. Last night, I was out there from 7-9PM and got to talk to quite a few people about their experience thi…

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