Like most couples, Toronto residents Vanessa Lawson and her fiance Josh Morden had very specific ideas about how their engagement pictures should look. Just the right location, just the right pose, and just the right amount of fake blood. You see, Vanessa and Josh are HUGE fans of "Friday The 13th".

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"You could say we have a flair for the dramatic. We have an insane collection of horror films at home — I guess it's a bond that we share," she says. Inspired by the recent trend of zombie-themed engagement pics , Lawson, 24, and Morden, 25, decided to put their own spin on the engagement-photo tradition by re-creating scenes similar to those in the fabled horror franchise "Friday the 13th" in a wooded area outside of their hometown of Toronto."

So, if their engagement pics are this wild, what is the actual wedding ceremony going to be like?

"No," says the bride firmly. " It's going to be very traditional."

I guess the couple that slays together, stays together? Um, yeah... something like that.

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