Manti Te'o

Saints, Te'o Agree To Terms
As was reported yesterday, the Saints were in negotiations to sign free agent inside linebacker Manti Te'o. Negotiations obviously went well.
Saints & Manti Te'o
The Saints seem like they're not going to have a linebacker problem as they've already got nine in their corps. Adding Te'o would put them 10 deep.
Now Hotels Are Making Fun Of The Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax [Pic]
It appears that the entire nation still cannot get enough of the Manti Te'o imaginary girlfriend hoax! Now, Quality Inn & Suites are having some fun with it by offering a special deal. A Twitter user snapped this picture outside of a Quality Inn and had to share it with the world!
Ladies And Gentlemen, The Manti Te’o Kiss Cam
People cannot get enough of the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax. First, it made headlines galore, then the trend 'Te'oing' was invented. Now, it's the kiss cam. At a recent Cleveland Cavaliers game inside the Quicken Loans Arena, they had a little fun by creating the Manti Te&apo…
Manti Te’o Hoax Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment [Video]
It was only a matter of time before the whole Manti Te'o hoax ended up in the hands of the Taiwanese animators who make those wacky animations of their interpretations of news stories. This one definitely involves "butt chugging". Watch the video for that if nothing else! Haha…
Is ‘Te’oing’ The New ‘Tebowing’?
Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o is definitely making headlines today. It all started when he went public about the death of his girlfriend that according to great detective skills, doesn't even exist. Now, there is something new afoot trending on the internet called 'Te'oing&apo…

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