The 2016 ScreenCrush Holiday Gift Guide!
Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, it comes with a lot of pressure. If you get that special someone the wrong gift, watch out. Things can get pretty ugly. That’s particularly true for pop-culture fans. They know what they want, and they probably have most of it already. Perhaps you k…
Watch A Giant LEGO Star Destroyer Crash In Slow Motion
Star Wars Day was yesterday on May the 4th, but this video is too cool not to share! Watch this slow motion video of a LEGO Imperial Super Star Destroyer crashing into the ground. It's a scene recreated from the final act of 'Return of the Jedi'!
Watch Life Size LEGO Car That Runs On Air [Video]
A genius teenager from Romania, and a man from Melbourne, Australia, got together to build a life size LEGO car. Yes it runs. But not on gas. It runs on AIR! Watch the video to see the life size LEGO car in action!
Build Your Own Meth Lab With ‘Breaking Bad’ Lego Set
Ever wanted to be like Walter White, and build your own meth lab, but didn't want know...go to jail or anything? Well, here's your chance. Now, you can build your own meth lab with the Breaking Bad Lego style set! Keep reading to find out more info on it and see where you can buy …
What It’s Like If ‘Breaking Bad’ Had A LEGO Video Game [Video]
Breaking Bad, without a doubt, is one of the greatest television shows ever to air on television. Usually with all great television shows or movies, like Indiana Jones, Star Wars or The Lord Of The Rings, there are LEGO video games and toys to accompany them. Here is what a LEGO video game of Breaki…

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