I've seen things built out of LEGO's that were motorized, but I've never seen an actual car, much less a Bugatti.

LEGO went and built a Bugatti Chiron. While a real Chiron would cost you around $3 million, this particular vehicle is only going to cost you about 1 million LEGO bricks.

Some other things it might "cost" you:

2,304 LEGO Power Function motors... and 4,032 Technic gears. Weighing in at 3,300 pounds, this Chiron makes just 5.3 hp with a top speed of 12.4 mph. Yet it is still every bit as awesome as the real deal.

So, a real Chiron would smoke this particular vehicle, it's still really cool, not only that it was built, but that it actually functions!

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