And you thought the parking tower on Vermilion was expensive... One parking lot a tenth of a mile from Cowboys Stadium is charging $900 a spot to park for the big game.

If you're lucky enough to have a ticket to Super Bowl XLV between Pittsburgh and Green Bay, then the next step is to find parking near Cowboys Stadium.

And that might be more expensive than the ticket.

According to, there is a spot available a tenth of a mile from Cowboys Stadium going for $990 at 908 North Collins at Parking. To be fair, you would have access to a restroom, on-site security and the ability to tailgate.

The other prices range from $550 at Ballpark Valero Event Parking, which also is a tenth of a mile away, to $55 at Five Georges Parking, a mile away near Six Flags.

"This is the most expensive," CEO Aashish Dalal said. "When you're talking about bowl games there were some that were pretty high. We did the Cotton Bowl and the Rose Bowl but none compare to what we see here."

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