$765 Beer Comes Wrapped in Roadkill [Video]
Thanks to craft beer company BrewDog, you can now look hobo-chic while drinking your beer. That's because the UK-based firm --co-owned by James Watt and Martin Dickie - has created a potent bottle of beer served inside an actual squirrel, weasel or hare carcass.
Super Expensive Bowl Parking
And you thought the parking tower on Vermilion was expensive... One parking lot a tenth of a mile from Cowboys Stadium is charging $900 a spot to park for the big game.
Think It Will Fit In The Vermillion?
A lavish new yacht recreating the billionaire's playground of Monaco is set to become the world's most expensive. The staggering 155-metre Streets of Monaco yacht is expected to cost over $1.1 billion to build and is modelled on a section of Monte Carlo.