Sad news to report on a story that was posted here yesterday about Boz, the labrador that was stolen from a hotel on Evangeline Thruway on New Years Eve. Boz was found dead on Martin Street from wounds of a dogfight. 

Witnesses saw Boz and immediately called animal control. Since the injuries to Boz were so bad, he had to be euthanized. A detective from the Lafayette Police Department told the owners, Jaime and Davis Arthur, what happened and that Boz's remains were cremated.

Boz was taken from a padlocked dog box in the back of the Arthur's truck, and the lock had been broken.

The person who took Boz was driving a mid 2000′s Chevy/GM extended cab, goldish pewter colored truck with dark tinted windows. He is described as a mid thirties medium build around 6’2″ white male.

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