We here at Planet Radio would like to see this dog reunited with his owners. Davis and Jamie Arthur, a father and son, were staying a night in Lafayette on their way back to Georgia on New Year's Eve. The two had been on a hunting trip. When they woke up the next morning, their 10 year old black lab, Boz, was gone. Along with some clothes and hunting equipment, someone had stolen a member of their family. A nearby business caught the perp on camera. Keep reading for details.

Boz was kept in a padlocked dog box, and the lock had been broken.

The person who took Boz was driving a mid 2000's Chevy/GM extended cab, goldish pewter colored truck with dark tinted windows. He is described as a mid thirties medium build around 6'2" white male.

The Arthur's don't want to press any charges against the man, they just want their family member back. Jamie raised Boz from the time he was 6 months old. Boz is now 10 years old.

Jamie is in on leave from the Air Force before his next deployment, and wants his dog to spend his latter years with him.

The Arthur's are staying in Lafayette for a few days to check local animal shelters and vets offices.

Boz is a black male lab, but there's one very identifiable marking on Boz. He only has three toes on his right rear paw.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Boz, please contact us. 337-235-9636, or any of our email addresses.

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