Musicians such as Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Phil Anselmo have connected large parts of their respective careers to the theme of horror. Next up in that respect is iconic guitar slinger Slash. The ex-Guns N' Roses / Velvet Revolver guitarist has created the entire soundtrack for the upcoming motion picture 'Nothing Left to Fear,' a film that he has produced through his production company, Slasher Films.

Having teamed up with songwriting partner Nick O'Toole, Slash composed the film score for 'Nothing Left to Fear' along with two original songs, one of which features vocalist Myles Kennedy. The full film soundtrack consists of a whopping 32 tunes, and will hit shelves on Oct. 4, the same day 'Nothing Left to Fear' opens in select theaters.

"It's been equally intriguing for me to be involved with producing, writing and performing the music in 'Nothing Left to Fear,'" says Slash. "Film scoring prompts me to engage different styles of writing and guitar playing that don't always present themselves when I make rock 'n' roll records."

The top-hatted shredder continues, "As a long-time fan of the horror genre, I want to produce films that are in an older tradition of the genre. That is to say, films that leave more to one's imagination, that are psychologically scary and character-driven, and what scares you is more cerebral than superficial. Slasher films is my vehicle to realize that aim, and 'Nothing Left to Fear' is the first film with more to come."

Slash's 'Nothing Left to Fear' soundtrack will be released exclusively at PledgeMusic. "Anyone who pledges will not only have access to behind the scenes interviews, early looks at soundtrack art, and exclusive signed items, but you will also have access to a live chat where I’ll answer some of your questions about the film, the score, and everything that’s been happening along the way," Slash promises. "As a bonus, we’re going to give you one song from the soundtrack as soon as you pledge."

Check out the full track listing for the soundtrack below. To pre-order the album, head over to Slash's PledgeMusic page.

'Nothing Left to Fear' Track Listing:

1) 'The Road to Stull'
2) 'Cold Welcome'
3) 'Lamb's Blood'
4) 'One Choice, Two Fates'
5) 'A Prayer'
6) 'Dark Dreams'
7) 'Sermon'
8) 'The Tooth'
9)  'Retrieval'
10) 'Silent Secrets'
11)  'Pain and Premonition Part 1'
12)  'Pain and Premonition Part 2'
13)  'Observations'
14)  'The Secret Tower'
15)  'Do Your Part'
16)  'Don't Forget'
17)  'A Flash and a Feeling'
18)  'Abduction'
19)  'Bleeding In'
20)  'Urgency'
21)  'Have Faith'
22)  'The Decline'
23)  'Trauma'
24)  'The Blood Lust'
25)  'Our Broken Home'
26)  'Revelations'
27)  'No Safety in Numbers'
28)  'Childhood's End'
29)  'The Fear'
30)  'The Perfect Circle'
31)  'Nothing Left to Fear' (featuring vocalist Myles Kennedy)
32)  'Welcome to Stull'              

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