Let's face it, nobody really wants anyone else looking at their Internet browsing history. Some of us probably have more to "hide" than others but a new scam circulating online is threatening to expose some people's darkest secrets.

The scammers send an email that basically threatens to blackmail the recipient. The email suggests that the recipient has been filmed with their own computer's camera viewing adult websites. They also threaten the recipient by exposing their secret to friends, family, and co-workers if their monetary demands are not met.

Just know this. It is a total scam. People who have never visited adult websites have been contacted by scammers. Those that have visited that side of the internet just know your activities are still being held quite safely behind closed doors, curtains, windows, and sunshades.

The scammers are hoping that the sheer impact of such egregious allegations will motivate some people to reach for their wallets to make it go away. However, there is an easier more effective way to get rid of the scammer and the proposed threats. Simply delete the email.

The Better Business Bureau has offered these tips for you to use to sniff out bogus emails that are likely tied to scams.

  • Search the internet for one or two sentences from the email to confirm it is actually spam.
  • No matter what the email threatens, do not respond. Make sure you delete the email. ​
  • Do not open attachments or click links in emails from people you do not know.
  • Never send money, buy a gift card, or do anything to comply with the demands in the email.
  • Install security software on your computer with two-factor authentication enabled.

Another tip that should raise red flags to a potential scam includes how the scammer wants to be paid. Many of them request Bitcoin or online currency. The other go-to of the scam world is the gift card. Don't purchase either because you don't need to.

Remember this, scammers are like politicians, if we ignore them they will eventually go away and become lobbyists. Well, the politicians will.


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