As someone who was raised in a family of "do the right thing" I see this warning from the Better Business Bureau as "karma". The BBB is warning residents of Louisiana who are choosing to not get a coronavirus vaccine to be very careful about attempting to secure a fraudulent Vaccine ID card online. Not only is it a lie but you run the risk of having your sensitive information stolen.

I have found, as a rule, people who make a living circumventing the rules usually are not the most trustworthy individuals. That's my observation, you may feel differently about doing business with those who have lower moral standards than you. But that's not what this article is about. It's about keeping your identity safe.

There have been more than a few reports of airlines, cruise ships, resorts, foreign governments, and other entities requiring proof of COVID vaccination before your granted permission to enter their areas of sovereignty. Some people, according to the Better Business Bureau are opting to not get vaccinated but they still want the privileges that will go along with that vaccination.

Those people are turning to counterfeiters. The concern at the BBB is those unsavory business enterprises might be using the Vaccine ID card as a means to get to your sensitive data. After all, you might be required to give them your name as it appears on your state-issued ID, your address as it appears on your state-issued ID, and of course, you'll have to pay for their services.

All we can suggest to you is the same thing the Better Business Bureau would suggest. Let the buyer beware.

Oh, one other warning for those who are posting "vaxxies" or selfie pictures with your Vaccine ID card. The BBB says, "don't do that". Scammers online can see and steal your personal information from that card with just a picture of it. That could lead to bigger headaches than the one you'll get with that second dose of Moderna vaccine.

Oh, one more thing to consider if you are wanting to go with the fake Vaccine ID. Louisiana's Attorney General Jeff Landry tells us a fake card could be considered a forgery which is a felony and punishable in both fines and jail time. How much jail time? According to AG Landry, about 10 years. Which, in my opinion, would be a lot worse than any COVID lockdown.

But if you do plan on being a lawbreaker, don't just stop at forgery. You should try breaking these laws too. See how many you can check off the list before they take you off the streets.

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