Just last month, Redlight King offered a remix version of their single ‘Comeback’ and tied it to a trailer for the blockbuster film ‘The Avengers.’

While that piece clocked in at just over a minute, the full-length video is now ready. In the complete version, there are more clips from the movie interspersed with Redlight King vocalist Kaz and his band in various performance pieces. The video follows along with the song in showing the early stages of the heroes coming together, preparing to go to war, and ultimately staging their fight for the fate of the world.

‘Comeback’ is featured on the recent ‘Avengers Assemble’ compilation, which also features singles from Soundgarden, Bush and Cherri Bomb.

Redlight King are currently ramping up for assorted summer dates in support of their debut album, ‘Something for the Pain.’ The bulk of their North American touring takes place later this month and kicks off June 9 at Dallas’ Palladium Ballroom. There are also a handful of July dates, as well as a Sept. 1 stop at Hershey, Pa.

Watch Redlight King’s ‘Comeback’ Video

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