Recently, Hugh Jackman spoke about wanting a huge crossover film that would bring the X-Men and Spider-Man into the world of 'The Avengers.' And today at Comic-Con 2013, Andrew Garfield expressed a similar thought.

As we reported in our panel coverage, Garfield said:

“I’d love to see [Spider-Man] with the Avengers. I’m just saying … it’d be pretty cool.”

This makes Garfield the second actor to make these claims. Perhaps we'll see more X-Men say the same thing, or perhaps the new 'Fantastic Four' will make similar offers.

Though these sorts of crossovers happened all the time in the comic books, when it comes to movies, the likelihood of this happening is slim to none. First and foremost, Spider-Man is owned by Sony, the X-Men and Fantastic Four by 20th Century Fox, and Marvel (and Disney) control The Avengers. And though fans would surely lose their minds, it's hard to imagine the mega-team up would do that much more business than 'The Avengers' did by itself, so why split the pie two or three ways?

On top of which, the expense of bringing all these actors together, negotiating screen time, and all the baggage that would come with doing it seems nigh insurmountable. But considering Jackman and Garfield have said it, expect it to keep coming up. Again and again.

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