Hollywood has been keeping us in limbo on the whole Robert Downey Jr. returning as Tony Stark/Iron Man in ANY movie. There were hints he dropped that said no. Joss Whedon said he wouldn't do another Avengers movie without him. Well, we got our answer today. And it's the best possible answer we can get! He's signed on not only for Avengers 2, but also Avengers 3!!! Keep reading for details.

From Variety:

Downey had hinted in numerous interviews, including a recent segment on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” in which he says his days of playing Tony Stark were over.


Marvel announced the news on their website Thursday.

Downey Jr.’s deal, negotiated by CAA, comes on the heels of “Iron Man 3′s” boffo performance at the worldwide box office. The 3D blockbuster is already the fifth highest-grossing movie of all-time with a giant $1.2 billion.


“The Avengers” director Joss Whedon recently said in an interview that he had no intention of making a sequel without Downey Jr.

“He is Iron Man,” Whedon said. “He is Iron Man in the way that Sean Connery was James Bond.”


Are you excited to see RDJ back as Tony Stark/Iron Man?

The Avengers 2 will hit theaters May 1, 2015.

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