If you weren’t aware (and really how could you not be?), the surefire blockbuster ‘The Avengers’ hit the big screen this weekend. To help get you a little bit more excited about the film, a trailer cut to a special remix of the Redlight King song ‘Comeback’ recently debuted online.

Just as the superheroes that make up The Avengers unite in the film, the creators behind the movie are looking to unite the best remixers in a challenge to provide the best possible take on Redlight King’s ‘Comeback’ and other tunes. Click here for details.

The remix video itself is full of Marvel awesomeness, as Nick Fury’s conglomerate of heroes — Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Captain America  – prepare for battle with Redlight King’s inspirational lyrics, ‘I know how it feels when the world is gonna end, but they’ll see / I’m gonna make a comeback / I’m gonna dig six feet up tonight / I’m gonna get it all back, I’m gonna make a comeback this time,’ driving home the power of the moment.

‘Comeback’ is the latest achievement for Redlight King over the past year after scoring the smash hits ‘Old Man’ and ‘Bullet in My Hand.’ The track is included on the just-released ‘Avengers Assemble’ soundtrack, which also includes standout cuts from Soundgarden, Bush, and Cherri Bomb among others.

Redlight King are currently touring with Buckcherry and James Durbin in support of their ‘Something for the Pain’ album, and have a mixture of festival appearances as well as opening dates for Slash keeping them on the road into July. After that, Redlight King will play the Jagermeister-sponsored second stage in August and September as part of the highly anticipated Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival.

Watch ‘The Avengers’ Remix Video for Redlight King’s ‘Comeback’

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