Breaking Benjamin's new album is titled Dark Before Dawn and as we see in a new video for "Angels Fall," there's plenty of dark to be had before things take a lighter turn.

Loudwire had an exclusive teaser of the clip over the weekend and now the full video has gone live for fans to check out. In the video, the band plays on a beach surrounded by darkening clouds and choppy waters portending a threatening day. Meanwhile, we see an old woman struggling with a young boy and an older man locked in a battle with what appears to be the boy's mother. To say the least, there are dark times involved for all appearing in the clip, but it doesn't necessarily end that way. Get a look at the video in full above.

The video also offers fans one of the first "official" looks at the band's new lineup. Frontman Benjamin Burnley told Full Metal Jackie earlier this year, “Everybody is the perfect fit for the band. Everybody is totally mutually respectful of one another. Every great relationship is built on respect. You get what you give. Everybody is just totally humbled. We just want to go out, be real and have a really good time with our fans. Everything has been going great, we’re really fortunate. We’re a fan driven band so we’re really nothing but absolutely grateful for all the support we’ve been getting.”

"Angels Fall" comes on the heels of the band's chart-topping single "Failure." Both songs are featured on the Dark Before Dawn album, which debuted at No. 1 earlier this year. You can purchase the disc at this location. And look for Breaking Benjamin on tour at these stops.

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