Usually music videos are released awhile after the single. Shinedown wasted no time in giving us the video for 'Cut The Cord'.

Shinedown made a simple, but awesome music video! It's the band in a warehouse of sorts just straight up rockin' the hell out! The video switches between color and black & white. Singer Brent Smith sports a much less theatrical, and different look than what we're used to seeing as well.

Here's what Smith had to say about the song:

To our Fan's... Family...

"...And in your truest moment of weakness... When everyone, and everything, has
betrayed you, and evil, and hatred has wrapped itself around your mind,
body, and soul... This is the song that you play... This is the statement to the world,
that you will not give up, you will not give in, and you refuse to fail!!!
Now it is your time... to "CUT THE CORD".
We love you...
We have returned.
There's no significant info on the new album, except that there will indeed be a 5th Shinedown album. Stay tuned for details!

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