Have you ever walked into a Popeyes fast food restaurant and said to yourself, "Man, I want to dress just like them"? Well, if you answered yes, then you're in luck.

Popeyes is trying to continue the wave of success surrounding its chicken sandwich so they're now offering a new line of clothing to be purchased online.

From the back-of-the-kitchen fry cook look to the top of the ladder "executive" get-up, it's all a click away at ThatLookFromPopeyes.com.

Popeyes is offering several items for sale at the site, from hats to hooded jackets, sweatshirts and warmup pants. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $10 to $40.

As you peruse the "collection," you'll notice a subdued look in terms of logo and branding. I guess they're going for a hipper vibe that emphasizes the beautiful colors and minimizes the logo.

Yeah, I'll go with that.

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