The scam has been run in our area before and according to officials with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office, the scammers are at it again.

If someone calls you saying they are a police officer and you have a warrant out for your arrest, you want to know that someone who demands money from you is not a real police officer.

We have heard about this scam multiple times over the past several years from the President of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana. Chris Babin says this scam circulates from time to time and one of the reasons it keeps popping up is fear.

If someone threatens to take you to jail, it's pretty scary. The Lafayette Sheriff's Office says these people will also claim that you can get rid of the warrant simply by paying them. Don't do it.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office via YouTube

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office wants people to know they DO NOT seek money over the phone. They never do this.

The best advice from law enforcement is to not give them any money, like gift cards, or credit card information. Just hang up the phone.

What Do You Do If You Think There Is a Warrant Out for You?

Whether you think it's possible you might have a warrant out for your arrest or if you just aren't sure, the best thing to do is call the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-232-9211.

If you want to see what kinds of scams are making the rounds in Acadiana, it's an easy thing to find. You can check out the Scam Tracker on the BBB's website at any time.


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