As perhaps the most shocking story in metal this year continues, Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying returned to court today (June 26) for yet another hearing in his murder-for-hire case. 

Lambesis was arrested on May 7 for suspicion of attempting to hire a hit man to murder is wife. The hit man turned out to be an undercover cop and was able to gather enough information for a warrant against Lambesis. The As I Lay Dying singer reportedly gave the undercover agent an envelope containing $1,000, picture of his wife, her address, gate codes and the date of when Lambesis wanted her killed. Lambesis pleaded "not guilty" and posted a $2 million bail, which was lowered from the original amount of $3 million.

According to the San Diego Reader, Lambesis stood before a Vista, Calif. courthouse today. The meeting was reportedly a "felony readiness" hearing where Lambesis could have switched his plea to "guilty" at the meeting, perhaps taking a plea bargain in exchange for a lesser amount of jail time. However, Lambesis maintained his "not guilty" plea. Since no changes occurred on the side of the defense, Lambesis' next court date has been set for Sept. 16.

Tim Lambesis remains free on bail, with the singer's attorney claiming that Lambesis is not a flight risk due to the vocalist being a "homebody." Futhermore, the attorney stated that Lambesis would prefer to stay at home in San Diego rather than traveling, which Lambesis does not enjoy anyway.

Stay tuned for all updates on the trial of Tim Lambesis.

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