One of my favorite Facebook groups to follow is "Abandoned Louisiana" where people posts pictures, stories, and locations of abandoned and historic places in Louisiana.

There was a post yesterday by Violet Bourque Dartez that caught my attention and piqued my curiosity.

Violet shared pictures of a mysterious tunnel of some sorts located just south of Abbeville on South Henry Street. It's located just past the Texaco according to Violet.

If you visit Violet's post here, you can see in the comments that what it is exactly is not really known.

Some of the more interesting guesses include:

This is the old Antifreeze site, It was on the EPA superfund clean up sites in the early 80's. --Roy Breaux

Looks like old sugar mill foundations. --Tony Stein

Some of the pictures look like old cattle dips. --Mindy LeMaire-Menard

These are the ruins of the Vermilion Sugar Company mill complex. --Rachel Watson

There was a time in Vermilion Parish, when they spent a lot of money and effort building structures to channel water for crops. We have a lot of land here, and there were some parts that lacked anyway for irrigation. --Corey Romero

Our friend Violet was very curious herself so she made a trip again to check things out late yesterday afternoon and took the following pictures.

Violet told me she believes it's some sort of farm trough. As you can see in the comments of her post, the guesses are far and wide.

What do you know of this structure? Is it a trough? Some type of drainage? A tunnel?

I am pretty sure whatever it is, the Kooshma stays there at night!

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