It's a fork that has french fries for prongs!

In the infomercial below, you'll see that it looks like a joke. Well, it kind of is. In advertising how inventive McDonald's has been with their food, and introducing new sandwiches, they're now giving you the Frork.

When your sandwich drips that extra delicious condiment onto your plate, what do you pick it up with? Your fries? But what happens when you get it all over your fries, which then relay it to your hands? It just creates a mess. Enter the Frork.

To promote their new burger or chicken sandwiches with pico de gallo, guacamole, bacon with maple seasoning, sweet onion bbq sauce, and more, the Frork seems like the perfect tool for the job.

Turns out, it's not ALL a joke! Frorks will be available May 5th with a purchase of one of their Signature Classic Recipes sandwiches, while supplies last, at participating restaurants. You can call 1-844-McD-FRORK or go to to find out where in your area Frorks will be available in your area.

Or I could just tell you that the closest McDonald's restaurant that will have them will be at 925 Veterans Drive in Carencro!

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