Prostitution is the "world's oldest profession." It dates back as far as 2400 BC in ancient Babylonia.

But, we're pretty sure there were no tasers involved in any of the trysts back then. That shocking device got one woman in Baton Rouge in some potential legal trouble recently.

According to LSU Police, 29-year-old Alexandra Veitch was arrested last week after she allegedly tased a man during a heating exchange after he paid for sex with her at a hotel on LSU's campus.

The pair evidently met over Facebook and agreed to meet up at the Lod Cook Hotel on September 28, 2021. Investigators say the man paid her for oral sex.

The Cook Hotel
The Cook Hotel

According to arrest documents, the man -- identified as Herbert Jackson -- paid the woman $100 as agreed upon. However, Jackson began pressuring Veitch into performing more sex acts.

That's where things went south. Jackson told police that Veitch then tased him twice during the ensuing argument. The woman then fled the hotel.

The stun gun in the hands is a close-up. Selective focus

Veitch was booked this past Friday on a charge of prostitution.

Jackson was issued a criminal summons at the time for the purchase of commercial sexual activity. However, to make matters worse, he is currently wanted on a bench warrant for failing to appear in court.

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