He can toss away his keys.

A Tesla owner had a chip implanted into his hand which will allow him to unlock and start his vehicle without keys.

Brandon Dalaly, who is from Michigan, had the chip implanted under local anesthetic at a tattoo and piercing parlor.

According to the report, Dalaly is really into technology and he hopes to update the chip in his hand so that one day it will be linked to his credit card.

If you're wondering, on his other hand he has a chip implanted in it that allows him to access his medical records and allows him to unlock the door to his home.

I know that we're in the technological age, but is this too much or is this the future? I'll let you decide and you can comment on the social media page that linked you to the story.

Of course, some on social media are already asking what happens if someone robs him and chops off his hand.

Here's the video of the Michigan man getting the chip implanted, some may find this video to be disturbing.

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