I wasn't sure that ostriches could be ridden. Turns out, they definitely can.

Apparently, the older an ostrich gets, the more aggressive they become, especially the male ostrich. Females are brown, while male ostrich are black with white tales.

The ostrich in this video appears to be one of those aggressive males, but this dude plays it cool.

I'm not going to lie. We laughed. Really hard at this video, and even harder when we learned just how fast an ostrich can run. I promise we weren't high. Ostriches can run up to 43 mph. That's 16 miles faster than Usain Bolt, and fast enough that you probably wouldn't even get mad at an ostrich going that fast down Johnston St.

We're convinced that this is how we travel in the future. Once vehicles are gone, ostriches will be our main travel companions.

For real, though. Don't mess with an ostrich. Their talons are terrifying. This guy obviously knows what he's doing.

All of that being said, watch this dude grab this ostrich, hop on, and ride away!

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