Is your little one canais as all get out? It might not be completely their fault. If their name is on this list of "The Top 10 Most Common Names Of The Naughtiest Children", it could be your fault for giving them the name in the first place. OK, obviously I'm not serious, but this list is kind of interesting. Now, if your little bundle joi is bad bad and their name isn't on the list, well...

How can anyone even come up with a list like this? The folks over at the website School Stickers figured out a way. They looked at the records of more than 59,000 students and determined what Boy's and Girl's names came in dead last when it came to receiving awards, or good conduct stickers.

Now, this is list isn't completely scientific what-so-ever, but it just might be on to something, maybe but probably not.

Does your kid have a name on this list? If so, are they bad bad? It's OK, you can tell us.