A pilot program that started in the 2016-2017 school year, is really paying off for the Lafayette Parish School System and our local community.

A recycling program was started at several different schools and office spaces in the Lafayette School System, and because of that program, some 38.28 tons of was recycled.

In doing this recycling program, the school system will save, not only money, but space in Louisiana landfills.

The idea is for the program to go systemwide, and if the Lafayette Parish School Board gives their okay, the System would be saving thousands of dollars.

The less trash that has to be hauled away from campuses, the less taxpayers have to pay for those services.

A school system press release says it's possible that the program could end up paying for the costs associated with trash collections at the schools.

The amount of waste that was recycled by Lafayette's school system is about 20 percent of the volume of all of the trash in Lafayette.