One of my favorite places to surf on the Internet is Reddit. Reddit is kind of like a hodgepodge of posts, pictures, videos, ideas, and interchanges among Internet users who are not afraid to speak their mind.

While reading stories about Acadiana I came across this really great question that was posted by a Redditor, that's what they call Reddit users, a couple of days ago. The task proposed was this, "Piss off Acadiana in one sentence". Some of the answers literally made me laugh out loud, not the fake LOL that you all put on your text messages.

Some of the best answers, at least in my opinion were:

"You can't make gumbo without hot dogs". Oh My Lord! Then there was this gem that really got some people's dander up. "Walmart boudin is superior to any other boudin" I have never tried the boudin from Walmart and if the Good Lord is willing I never will.

There were comments about Chik-Fil-A on Ambassador Caffery, Clay Higgins, and even one directed at our dear friend and radio compadre Moon Griffon, "Michelle Obama is running for president and her running mate is Mary Landrieu". this one is for Moon (The Redditor included that little dig at the end of their comment)

Personally, I took the whole thing as good-natured fun. But some people, like people on the Internet, will do, took it all too seriously. If you can play with a smile on your face. I'd love to know what you'd do to "Make Acadiana mad in one sentence".



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