Now, you can check the internet speed in your home, office or business and all you need is your cellphone or computer. It's 100% free and only takes seconds.

Let's say you're paying for 250 Mbps (Megabytes per second), how do you know you're getting your money's worth? Moreover, how do you know your equipment is delivering the Mbps you're paying for?

If your modem or router is over 4 years old, you are more than likely not getting the speed you're paying for. Your internet provider may be sending you the Mbps you're buying but if your equipment is more than 4 years old, chances are the devices connected to your w-fi are operating slower than if you had an updated modem, router or modem/router combination. Experts claim you should have at least 200 Mbps or more.

So how would you really know if your devices are being delivered the Mbps needed to allow them to run efficiently? There is a quick and easy way to check.

All you need to find wi-fi speed in your home, office or business is a cellphone or computer connected to the wi-fi you'd like to test.

Simply search It is truly that simple. will calculate your wi-fi speed in seconds and display it on your cellphone or computer.

Keep in mind, that the number of Mbps will fluctuate depending on how many devices are on your wi-fi at any given moment. Also, the time of day affects internet speed due to consumer consumption.

You'll be able to tell immediately if your wi-fi has a problem or not. is the easiest and fastest way to check internet speed anywhere, anytime. Even if you're traveling. If there is a wi-fi signal where you are, will calculate the speed of the internet. Again, all by using your cellphone or computer.

You do not have to be techy to do this test. Type, and search...that's it!

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