The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is all about helping Louisiana residents become healthier. One of the ways they promote this initiative is through their annual Health Challenge. The current edition of the Health Challenge is underway through April 25th.

The Own Your Own Health Challenge is a program that is designed to empower anyone no matter what their current health status is to become healthier. The program offers advice, tools, and support for those who simply want to take charge of their own health.

Rudy Macklin is Director of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.His office encourages you to adopt a  healthier lifestyle and become more active. You can do that with this Own Your Own Health Challenge.

The first component is the online physical activity and nutrition challenge. You log all your activities on site. And the other part, we have a series of partners around the state that teach them to own their own health.

What's great about this online component of the challenge is that you can make an individual effort or create a team. Macklin suggested to the Louisiana Radio Network that the more people you have participating, the better your chances of success because teammates tend to support each other.

The second component of the challenge has to do with your relationship with your healthcare provider. Many of us go to the doctor and have no idea what kind of questions we need to be askin This challenge will help educate you on how to educate your health care practitioner on  your specific needs.

We have a series of partners that help you out with that, and we have a mental health component, we have a childhood obesity program. It’s really a comprehensive program that centers around obesity.

Last year over 16-thousand Louisiana residents got healthier as a result of participating in the Own Your  Own Health Challenge. You can still sign up to participate as in individual or a team by visiting 




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