On first glance you might think, this guy has lost his freaking mind, you might be right, but this story is based on the latest scientific findings. Did you ever consider that what you put on your body could have as much of an effect on your health as what you put in your body? That fancy shampoo you are using could be causing you to gain weight.

Here is what we discovered. The scents and chemicals used in many shampoos may block or retard normal chemical and hormonal responses in the body. In other words your body might think that wonderful fragrance means it's time to eat. Or maybe the chemical in your conditioner when absorbed through the scalp might tell your brain a famine is looming. So the next time someone comments on your weight tell them it's not the gravy, it's the shampoo!

I did a little internet snooping and found some other things that you could use instead of store bought shampoo. These things could also make you fat because some of them are food.

Eggs seem to be a favorite among the natural hair washing crowd. I guess it's because of all that protein. According to those in the know a little whipped egg run through your follicles will leave your coat all nice and shiny. Think about it, did you ever see a chicken with a bad comb over?

Baking soda is another top replacement for shampoo. I think the only thing that baking soda can't do is balance the federal budget. A little baking soda massaged into the hair will remove build up of other shampoos and conditioners. It leaves the hair fresh and natural and smelling like the inside of your refrigerator.

You knew you couldn't have baking soda without vinegar. This is the other wonder food besides baking soda. You can clean your hair and clean that nasty ring around your toilet bowl too! Just don't use the vinegar and baking soda at the same time your head might fizz up and then blow off.

Other suggestions for natural hair care include syrup or molasses and olive oil. I know in the time of Jesus olive oil was the cure all for what ailed you. I guess if it's good enough for the Lord and Savior it will probably kick the crap out of a bottle of Prell.

Good luck with your hair cleaning experiments. I know you don't want to get fat just because you have clean hair.

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