UPDATE: After receiving a call from the individual responsible for lettering on vehicles similar to the photo above, we have an answer to the mystery of the 'W's on vehicles in the Lafayette area. The individual works with a detailing company that works with dealerships and uses the W to track which vehicles need to be addressed. He identified the W as his work, including the location of the W on the vehicle.

Do have a white "W" on your vehicle?

Jessica Prince posted this photo on Facebook and she did so to alert others who may have this white letter on their vehicle.

In her social media post, Jessica says that she believes the letter is a symbol of "human trafficking".

She wants others to be aware of this notation on vehicles, although though we cannot confirm that this marking is for such.

In the past, some have reported on social media that car washes, car dealerships, and even glass repair companies or places that change your oil use such markings to note services that are complete.

Someone who even works for a glass company commented on Facebook that they use various letters during service.

This is by no means the first time this situation has occurred and is not confined to only Acadiana. Last year, a New Jersey resident observed markings on their vehicle which prompted USA Today to research the incident.

From the USA Today: In an interview with Dave Oney with the U.S. Marhsals Service office of public affairs, he noted that marking vehicles as part of an abduction/trafficking plan is "not genuine" and "false to everything we know" within the department and frontline workers.

In any case, we remind you to always be aware of your surroundings and if anyone around you makes you feel awkward, be sure to re-locate and seek assistance.


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