Duson, LA (KPEL News) - At some point in the not-do-distant past, a south Louisiana resident would give instructions that included "it's by the roundabout." We didn't have many at that time, but the direction is usually followed by "which one?"

That would be a fair question. Louisiana is home to 121 roundabouts, according to The Hill, as of November 2023. Construction on at least 19 of them has been completed, with another 100 of them proposed.

Florida holds the title for the most roundabouts in the country at 1,467, and it's likely they aren't giving up that title anytime soon.

Love them or hate them, they are increasing in popularity among transportation and safety officials. The proof is in the data. Statistics from the Federal Highway Administration notes the following statistics about intersections that have been converted to roundabouts:

  • Fatalities decreased by 90%
  • Crashes with injuries decreased 76%
  • Save money
  • Saves an average of $5,000 per year on electricity and maintenance costs
  • Reduces vehicle delay, duration of stops, and traffic

The frustration drivers face is, typically, because someone doesn't know how to navigate a roundabout. People have described driving through them "like a zipper," where a car proceeds between two other cars safely. If you need a tutorial or would like to see it in action, check out this video:

Youngsville has become the roundabout capital of south Louisiana with so many is such a concentrated area, but you'll encounter them in Carencro, New Iberia, St. Martin Parish, Breaux Bridge, Scott, and several other parts of Acadiana.

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We've reported on the plans and proposals for numerous other locations that are in the works. The Acadiana Planning Commission has dedicated lots of time identifying intersections, especially rural intersections, that would benefit for safety or traffic reasons from a roundabout.

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One of the roundabouts will likely alleviate congestion just north of I-10 in Duson. Two popular truck stops that are also known for inexpensive gasoline sit on either side of Highway 95. Cars and commercial trucks trying to get onto the highway from the side roads wait in line to turn.

Roundabout Plan
Courtesy Acadiana Planning Commission

Louisiana DOTD and the Acadiana Planning Commission want to fix that. The roundabout is noted as LA 95 at Lexington, the road that runs in front of the Love's Truck Stop in Duson.

la 95 lexington roundabout
Google Maps

The project has moved to the design phase, and APC believes the $5.7-million installation will begin within two years. Completion is projected for 2026.

I frequent both of the establishment located at the intersection in Duson, so I am glad to see the plan gaining momentum.

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