Have you ever attended a concert or an event in the Cajundome and asked yourself, "How did they hang all the lights and truss from the ceiling?"

I recall attending a WWE event years ago in the Cajundome and the production was on another level. As I was sitting there admiring the lighting and rigging, I recall asking myself, "Who is brave enough to walk up in the rafters and rig this?"

Well, thanks to an older video posted on YouTube, you can see exactly how scary it must be to rig for concerts or events that come to the Cajundome.

Here you'll see how riggers walk the in the rafters and they do so with little to no fear.

I could never work as they do while looking down in the dome, even if I had the proper gear to protect me.

After watching the video below I think you'll walk away with two things. One, if you are in the rafters of the Cajundome you are very high up, and secondly you will appreciate what some do before concerts and events.

The lights and speakers don't just magically show up to enhance the experience. Some brave person must walk the rafters and prepare for what we all see and experience.

So, take a look at this video and ask yourself if you could ever do this job. And no I am not ashamed to admit it, I could never.

Now, here's another look at crews preparing for a WWE event in the Cajundome. And yes, it takes a lot of hands to make it happen.


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