Free Beer, Hot Wings and the guys revisited a popular topic on the show this morning: robots. The Internet has no shortage of videos of robots doing amazing things. Just the other day, the guys were watching a video of a robot cheetah on a treadmill. But this latest video revived an old debate on the show.

"This is pretty amazing," said Free Beer.

The robot in the video is the Legged Squad Support System (LS3), from Boston Dynamics. While it may not look like it, those spindly legs are engineered to carry 400 pounds up to 20 miles without refueling. Whoa.

"Can you imagine camping and seeing this thing coming through the woods," said Zane. "They should have a fleet of them."

This kicked off a long discussion/argument about where we are going with computers. Hot Wings took the lead, trying to convince everyone that it was in the realm of possibility that machines would eventually start thinking for themselves.

Here's some audio of the debate:

Check out the video below:

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