When a significant other dies it's sad, but it also makes things really complicated. You have to worry about getting all of their things transferred to you, which can take a long time.

Just using her husband's will and death certificate, Peggy Bush was able to get almost everything transferred to her name. The one thing she couldn't get transferred to her name was an iPad and a Mac computer. Bush had a card game she liked to play on the iPad, but she couldn't access it because it had a password lock on it. When her daughter contacted Apple to tell them the situation and get the pass code, they said they couldn't give it to her unless they had a court order.

So, Peggy could get the house and car transferred to her name, but she couldn't get the password to an iPad. It doesn't seem like there are many bad things to say about Canada, but the law that requires this is really stupid. Bush now has to get a court order just so she can play a card game.

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