Pushing your chair back under the desk, when did that become a source of contention for the people of the world? It must have been an issue I missed while I was looking at things like the Zika Virus, the budget crisis in Louisiana, or did the Walking Dead giveaway a major plot twist in their season premier.

The people at Nissan. Yes, that Nissan, now have these incredible smart chairs that with the clap of your hands will return to their appropriate place at the desk or table. It's kind of freaky to watch but I can see the usefulness of the product.

It would sure make cleaning a conference room easier and that goes double for classrooms. The only problem I see with this particular product is what about an inadvertent clap?  Or perhaps some practical joker deciding that at the high point of the presentation it's time for everyone to go for a ride?

Other than those and maybe a few thousand other misuses I can see this as a viable product. Just not at a radio station where maturity is measured in months and not years.

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