How awesome is this?

The robotics team at Farmington High School built a power wheelchair for a little boy when his parents couldn't afford to get him a wheelchair.

The team built this "wheelchair" for the two-year-old boy out of power wheel toy parts. Cillian Jackson reportedly has trouble getting around due to a genetic condition, which resembles someone with cerebral palsy.

According to KARE-TV, Cillian's dad reached out to his former high school and asked the robotics team if they could help build his son something to get around and the kids did, on their own time.

The kids on the robotic team did get some assistance from the University of Delaware that helps give mobility to children with disabilities. But for the most part, it was the kids at Farmington High who did the work here.

They put their skills and heart into this project and now Cillian has his own way of getting around.

To see more photos of this amazing project I encourage you to visit KARE 11 TV.

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