The head of the United Cajun Navy has accused two men involved in the search efforts for the missing Seacor Power crewmembers of extortion and cyberstalking.

According to a protective order filed on May 10 in East Baton Rouge Parish, UCN President Todd Terrell alleges that search volunteer Christifer DeRouen attacked him via text messages and on social media in an effort for him to surrender money that was donated.

Terrell also accuses Scott Daspit, the father of missing crewman Dylan Daspit, of cyberstalking. In an affidavit, Terrell alleges that Daspit and DeRouen acted together in a bid to extort money from him.

According to the order, Daspit allegedly ambushed Terrell on April 30 as he was making checks out to pay for supplies for the search effort.

The document states that Daspit allegedly made false claims to Terrell that UCN was not making payments for supplies and demanded that Terrell hand over bank statements from UCN.

Terrell has sought a protective court order against DeRouen only, however.

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, May 20 at the East Baton Rouge Parish Courthouse.

This is not the first time Todd Terrell has had to seek legal help regarding groups or individuals attacking United Cajun Navy.

In late 2019, Terrell filed eight lawsuits seeking permanent restraining orders against several defendants. In those lawsuits, Terrell claimed that for more than a year he and his organization had been subject to an unending barrage of derogatory statements and allegations of wrongdoing.

An injunctive relief arrangement was eventually reached in December of 2019 that forced all the defendants to remove all known comments about Mr. Terrell and the United Cajun Navy from the internet. Defendants also were ordered to stop all online posts and comments in addition to ceasing all contact with each other.


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