It has been about six weeks since Louisiana's oil and gas community suffered a tragic loss with the capsizing of the Seacor Power lift boat. The boat was flipped in heavy seas and bad weather just off the coast of southeastern Louisiana on April 13th. There were 19 souls on board the Seacor Power. Six of those souls were rescued. Six of those souls were confirmed to have perished. Seven of those souls still remain unaccounted for by friends and family.

Yesterday debris from the Seacor Power disaster was discovered on a beach in Cameron Parish. KPLC Television is reporting that among the items discovered was a work vest. That vest had the words Seacor Power written across the back.

The vest was discovered Wednesday in the western section of the parish. It was found by Trish Bargo who told KPLC that she and he family have been keeping a watchful eye for items from the Seacor Power knowing that currents in the Gulf would push any debris from the wreck in their direction.

Just a few weeks ago a life vest from the Seacor Power was also found washed ashore in Cameron Parish. That item was discovered near Mae's Beach. It was turned over to the Coast Guard for processing. From what we understand the work vest that was found yesterday has already been turned over to Coast Guard investigators as well.

While official search, rescue, and recovery operations are no longer being facilitated by the U.S. Coast Guard there continues to be a grassroots network of friends, family, and just caring individuals who continue to scour the Gulf and the coastline for more clues as to the fate of the missing.

Just as a reminder for those who might be working the marshes or patrolling the coastline there are other dangers out there too. Some of those dangers you can avoid if you know what to look for.

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