Say it ain't so!!! According to Deadline a stalemate between Michael C. Hall, the man we all know as Dexter Morgan, and Showtime have put the future of the show in limbo. 

"...the prospects of the hit drama going to a seventh season are now uncertain as negotiations between Dexter star Michael C. Hall and Showtime have broken down. I hear that the two sides reached an impasse yesterday, the same day Dexter‘s big Season 6 premiere ratings came out. Hall’s contract for Dexter is up after the current sixth season, which is about to wrap production. He has been negotiating with Showtime for a while, but I hear talks broke down after the two sides couldn’t bridge a $4 million gap in proposed salary for a new deal, with Showtime offering $20 million for two more seasons and Hall’s team asking for $24 million. Either figure would make Hall one of the highest-paid actors in cable. Sources indicate that the network brass remain hopeful about reaching a deal, with signing Hall for one more season vs. two also an option."

Damn it, man! Get it together! We need more Dexter!!! My message to Showtime is this. Give him the money. He's given you so much more.

For the full story check out Deadline.

And just for fun...Here's the badass trailer for Season 6


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