I'm sure by now, after every post I've done about this upcoming film, you have to assume that Ridley Scott's Prometheus, is my most anticipated film of the summer. Yes, more than The Dark Knight Rises. That's because, I've been waiting for this film for 19 years. It is the 'supposed' prequel to his 1979 classic Alien.

One of the questions I had the first time seeing Alien, was "Who was the big guy with the hole in his chest in the derelict ship?". That question was never answered in Alien or it's 3 sequels. The "big guy in the cockpit" is known to diehard Alien fans as the 'space jockey'. He was designed by Swiss artist H.R. Giger, along with the ships interior, exterior and the Alien creature itself.

It was also a question that Ridley Scott and all fans of Alien wanted answered and is the reason he decided to come back to direct his first science fiction film in 30 years, his first since 1982's Blade Runner. So, I have posted the previous 2 trailers and a couple of viral marketing videos about the film. Prometheus, WILL explore the origin if the 'space jockey' race and maybe will explain why they were carrying a cargo full of Alien eggs.

Here is the final trailer for Prometheus below:

Also, just recently, Twentieth Century Fox released a reversed audio clip of the Prometheus Crew Transmission from the film heard below:

So, I took the reversed parts of the clip and reversed them and this is what I got. WARNING! The following clip might be disturbing for younger listeners.

Take my money already! Prometheus is in theaters June 8th!

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